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What did I do from 0 to 20k monthly sales

Wayne Anderson:My Journey from 0 to 20k Monthly Sales: Embracing Wholesale Hustles as the Game-Changer


My foray into eBay sales began as a casual endeavor, buying and selling items from charity shops and local markets. While it started as a hobby, I never envisioned it as a serious business. However, the first lockdown during the pandemic changed everything. With more time on my hands, I decided to explore the possibility of making extra income through eBay. Leveraging my experience in retail management, I adapted my skills to suit the world of online sales.

Having worked in the retail industry for several years, I gained a strong understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction and after-sales service. These principles formed the foundation of my approach to eBay selling. As I delved deeper into this newfound passion, I began to explore different selling strategies, and that's when I stumbled upon dropshipping.

Part 1: Where It All Began

Dropshipping seemed like a promising business model at the time. It allowed me to sell products without physically holding inventory. Instead, I relied on third-party suppliers to handle the inventory and shipping process. The concept intrigued me, and I decided to give it a try.

Starting with dropshipping, I set up my eBay listings and eagerly awaited sales. The convenience of not handling inventory and the potential for a wide range of products seemed appealing. However, it didn't take long for the challenges to emerge.

One of the most significant issues with dropshipping was the lack of control over inventory. Since I was dependent on third-party suppliers, there were instances when items I listed were no longer available. This led to situations where customers placed orders, but I couldn't fulfill them, resulting in unhappy buyers and negative feedback.

Shipping delays were another hurdle I encountered. As a dropshipper, I was at the mercy of my suppliers when it came to shipping times. Slow shipping from suppliers meant longer wait times for customers, which impacted my reputation as an eBay seller.

Moreover, ensuring consistent product quality was a challenge. Since I didn't physically handle the products, it was difficult to monitor their condition before they reached the customers. This occasionally resulted in complaints and returns, which, in turn, affected my seller rating.

The profit margin in dropshipping was also thinner than I had anticipated. With intense competition and various fees associated with eBay and PayPal, the profits from each sale were meager.

Additionally, not all suppliers proved reliable. Some were unresponsive or provided inaccurate information about stock levels, causing further frustration.

Complying with eBay's policies on dropshipping also posed challenges. eBay allowed dropshipping under certain conditions, one of which was ensuring delivery within 30 days. Managing this requirement with suppliers' shipping times was a constant struggle.

Handling customer service as a dropshipper was another complex task. Often, I had to act as an intermediary between customers and suppliers, which slowed down the resolution process and frustrated buyers.

The technical aspect of managing data integration with multiple suppliers further added to the complexities of dropshipping.

The high competition in dropshipping meant that pricing became a race to the bottom, squeezing already thin profit margins.

Part 2: Change for the Better with Wholesale Hustles

As the challenges with dropshipping mounted, I realized I needed a more sustainable business model. That's when I was introduced to Wholesale Hustles in November 2021. Making my first purchase through Wholesale Hustles, I was instantly impressed with their quality control, efficient process, and swift delivery.

With Wholesale Hustles, I found a new way forward for building a reliable and thriving eBay business. I decided to discontinue all my dropshipping listings and collaborated with Jack to get my eBay account back on track. She recommended a selection of low-cost, high-selling items that I could move quickly and fully track. This helped demonstrate to eBay that I was now holding my own stock and dispatching items myself. In just a month, my sales surged from £900 to nearly £3000, and I successfully appealed my dropshipping restriction, getting it removed.

With Wholesale Hustles taking care of product research, profit calculations, and quality inspections, I could confidently invest in buying inventory in bulk. Jack and her team provided valuable support, including images and videos of products, and even offered to source exclusive products for my personal inventory. Their honesty and dedication to providing top-notch service were evident.

Month after month, my sales continued to soar. In the second month of working with Wholesale Hustles, my sales hit £6k, and in the third month, they reached £8k. This positive trajectory continued, and within less than 18 months of starting my journey with Wholesale Hustles, I achieved a significant milestone, hitting £20,847 in sales in a single month.


My journey from 0 to 20k monthly sales has been marked by challenges and growth, with Wholesale Hustles serving as the game-changer for my eBay business. This reliable and sustainable business model has transformed my online selling endeavors, allowing me to achieve financial independence and consider leaving my day job. While it hasn't been a get-rich-quick scheme, my success is a testament to perseverance and seizing the right opportunities in the e-commerce world. With my sights set on achieving even greater milestones, I am grateful for the unwavering support and guidance provided by Wholesale Hustles throughout this journey. The future holds endless possibilities, and I am excited to see how my entrepreneurial endeavors continue to flourish.

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